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Embroidered Workwear

Get your workwear and branding in one place for a great price.
if you need your workwear items to be embroidered, we provide an embroidery service so you can get it all in one place, we have all of the facilities in house so you can cut out the middle man and get an amazing price.
in order to take advantage of our cost effective embroidery service send your logo to us at or fill out our contact form.
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If you run or own a business, the chances are, your staff will have a uniform, or you have thought about branding your staff in a uniform, either way its the logical choice to show your business to the world (Unless, of course, you don't want your business to be seen.).
Embroidery is a very popular method of branding your workwear with your logo and colours, embroidered workwear is very popular amongst businesses that supply uniform to their staff because of the many wonderful benefits that come with it, including, long lasting quality, high wear and tear factor, less colour fade, designs don't worp, merge or stretch over time, these are just a few of the reasons embroidered workwear is so popular over the screen printed workwear method, in many cases we have witnessed designs from printed workwear completely disappear over many hot washes, years before an embroidered item had even broken a thread.
Embroidery has been used to decorate clothing other garments for thousands of years, some ancient embroidery remains have been dated up to 6000 BC which is even before the days of the pyrimads, there are many reasons why we still use embroidery today and why it hasn't been replaced with a more modern form of branding, so what is so good about Embroidered clothing? 1 of the main benefits of embroidered clothing is it long lasting designs, in many cases i have witnessed designs from printed clothing completely disappear years before an embroidered item had even broken a thread.)