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Fabric Types

Bizweld is a heavyweight 100% Cotton fabric, specially treated with the unique Bizweld flame-retardant finish. Fully certified to the European Standard EN470-1, EN531 and EN533 and is resilient for over 50 washes.
Made from 100% Polyester breathable Oxford fabric. ColdStore fabric is abrasion resistant and has a Texpel stain and water resistant finish, ensuring it stays cleaner for longer. Weight 190g.
Portwest's High Visibility, Flame Retardant, Anti Static, Breathable garments are made from a conductive fabric (98% Polyester/ 2% Carbon Fibre) with a PU coating. The fabric has a grid of conductive thread present inside a matrix of the polyester. This dense grid is superior at conferring anti static capability.
HiVisTex Silver Retro Reflective tape is the ultimate reflective tape. Fully certified to EN 471, HiVisTex gives a superior performance in all weather conditions.
HiVisTex Industrial Wash tape is extremely durable. Fully certified to EN 471 and certified for up to 60 industrial wash cycles.
Rip Stop
Made from 100% Polyester, PVC coated with a Rip Stop (RS) pattern. This results in an extremely strong yarn to stop the fabric tearing without the penalty of a heavier cloth. Weight 260g and 250g.
SAFE Welder
This specially developed fabric is fully certified to EN 470-1, EN 531:A, B1, C1, E1 and EN 533. The fabric is 100% sanforized cotton drill with a 'Safewelder' flame retardant finish. Resilient for over 50 washes. Weight 330g.
Texpel is a durable, stain repellent finish which protects against everyday spills without changing the feel or comfortof the fabric. Liquids bead up and roll off the garment and spills can be quickly cleaned up. It also makes the garment showerproof and is highly breathable.
Buildtex fabric is woven specially with cotton on the inside (45%) for comfort and high tensile man-made yarn (55%) on the outside for hard wear and tear. Buildtex fabric 260g/m2 is renowned for its strength, durability, and value and has a special shower repellent finish. Tried and tested to the limits, Buildtex fabric is exclusively available from Portwest, a true original.
BuildTex™ Plus fabric is woven with combed cotton (37%) on the inside for maximum comfort and high tensile polyester (63%) on the outside for maximum durability. It has a matt finish. BuildTex™ Plus has a water and dirt repellent finish. Weight 260g.
Portwest has now two CANVAS FABRICS. Both are woven with combed cotton for maximum comfort and with high tensile polyester and a water and dirt repellent finish to ensure maximum durability.
Fortis fabric is constructed to the highest specifications and has all the necessary features you would expect from a modern workwear fabric. Available in two fabric weights – 245g, and 300g. Fabric composition – 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton which guarantees durability and maximum comfort. Only available from Portwest
Fortis Plus fabric is designed to withstand the rigours of today's modern industrial laundries. Specially constructed with 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton, this unique fabric offers greater durability, superior protective qualities and excellent wearer comfort in all conditions. Weight 190g and 245g.
Constructed from 100% polyester with a PU coating, this 600 denier Oxford weave fabric is made up of strong filament yarns. This guarantees a durable fabric suitable for the most demanding work environments. Weight 220g
SOFT Shell
This is a highly technical fabric, extremely waterproof and breathable. It gives you the added comfort of fleece whilst keeping you dry inside and out. Made from 94% Polyester, 6% Spandex, 160g, bonded with 100% Polyester micro polar fleece, 150g. Total weight 310g.
100% polyester tricot knit with a special PU coating makes Sealtex waterproof, windproof, hardwearing and tear resistant. Its revolutionary tricot knitted backing makes you feel comfortable whatever the weather. Anti-fungal, oil and fat resistant with a wipe clean finish
Trade Guard
Tradeguard is a fully pre-shrunk heavyweight poly cotton fabric. It has superior dye retention and superb wear and tear qualities. Developed and tested over many years to provide a winning combination of strength, durability and outstanding finish. Tradeguard fabric guarantees colour consistency. You can match any jacket with any trouser made in Tradeguard fabric
All Technik products use the latest highly technical fabric. Made by laminating hydrophilic Polyurethane coating to a Nylon woven fabric, the finished garment is extremely waterproof & breathable yet lightweight, strong & durable
Cotton Rich Fabric
Constructed from 60% Cotton/40% Polyester with an anticrease finish, this fabric combines the comfort and absorbency of cotton with the extra strength and performance of polyester. With excellent tear and abrasion resistance even after repeated laundering, this garment is the ideal choice for the most demanding of work environments
100% Cotton Fabric
The ultimate in wearer comfort. Cotton is the choice for hot working environments. It absorbs perspiration, ensuring you stay comfortable and dry in all conditions. Suitable for domestic washing and high temperature industrial laundering, this garment combines durability with outstanding wearer protection qualities.
Special hollow Polyester fibres make this fabric cool & breathable, even in the warmest of conditions.
Biztex Microporous
Consists of a polypropylene substrate to which a laminated microporous polyethlene film is applied (PP/PE). The outer layer of fabric prevents the passage of liquid molecules inwards yet permits the vapour molecules that build up inside to pass out. This ensure that garment is breathable therefore allowing the user to stay fresh and comfortable. This fabric has the added feature of having an anti static coating that provides protection against electrostatic buildup. This fabric is certified to the following standards: EN13034 (Type 6) EN ISO 13982-1 (Type 5) EN1149-1 EN14126:2003
Biztex SMS
An integrated three layer polypropylene construction - SMS spunbond / meltblown / spunbond (SMS) giving a breathable barrier. This trilaminate constructed fabric offers a high tensile strength and toughness. It provides a fluid and particulate barrier to protect the worker without hindering mobility and comfort. Garments constructed with this fabric are strong and durable, yet offer outstanding comfort, breathability, softness, and wearability This fabric is certified to the following standards: EN13034 (Type 6) EN ISO 13982-1 (Type 5)