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Marine Safety Range


In the case of Automatic PFD's, when the device comes into contact with water, it will inflate within 5 seconds, safely positioning and maintaining an incapacitated wearer, dramatically increasing their likelihood of survival.

Products in this range are certified as follows:

EN ISO12402-3

Personal Flotation Devices - Part 3: Buoyancy aids (level 50N) Safety requirements. This atandard examines the performance of the Flotation suits or Buoyancy aids.

EN 1095

Deck safety harness and safety line for use on recreational craft. This standard examines the suitable lifting purposes eg. Helicopter rescue lifts etc.

IMO A.658

Use and fitting of retro-reflective material on life saving appliances. This requires appliances to have a minimum of 300cm2 of retro-reflective material.


From 2006, SOLAS requires on every cargo ship there shall be an immersion suit for every person on board. Tested in accordance to the LSA code, this suit provides great insulation and adequate buoyancy.


This body examines the whole body suit in relation to composition and it's thermal properties.

There are 4 recommended N (newton) types for different marine conditions. These conditions determine the type of product suitable to be worn. Below is a breakdown of the different levels of N (newtons) for the different marine conditions:

Life Jacket 275N

Inflatable Life Jacket: Offshore, shipping and industry with extreme conditions. Compatible with heavy protective clothing, most survival suits and safety harnesses.


Life Jacket 150N

Life Jacket: Coastal and offshore use with foul weather clothing. The buoyancy aid should be considered if heavy tools or equipment are carried.


Life Jacket 100N

Life Jacket with safety colour and reflectors. Should normally be able to turn a person into back position. People who are not able to swim should always use a life jacket. Sheltered waters.


Buoyancy Aid 50N

Buoyancy aids, flotation jackets and flotation suits. Gives an upright floating position. For good swimmers only in sheltered waters with nearby help.