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Disposable Gloves

We have a large range of disposable gloves for designed mainly for the purpose of hygiene, we have latex gloves, vinyl gloves and other types of disposable gloves. Our disposable gloves cator for many different industries including doctors and dentist surgery's, kitchens and garages. 

Disposable Hand Protection

Our range of disposable gloves have been designed with the user in mind. Comfortable and manufactured from the highest quality materials, they are the perfect cost-effective choice for medical, dental, foor dervice as well as general industrial use. All gloves in this range are Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) 1.5, CE Food Safe and non-sterile. They are also certified to EN standards.

EN455 - Parts 1, 2 and 3

This standard applies to medical gloves for single use.
Part 1 covers the requirements and testing for freedom from holes.
Part 2 covers the requirements and testing for physical properties.
Part 3 covers the requirements and testing for biological evaluation.

CE Food Safe

European legislation with respect to Food Contact Materials (Directive EC1935/2004) requires that food contact materials shall not transfer their ingredients to food and must not modify the organoleptic properties (ie. colour, smell, texture and taste) of the food. Products intended for food contact shall be labelled as such.

EN374-1: 2003

This standard specifies the requirements for gloves to protect the user against chemicals and micro-organisms and defines terms to be used.

EN374-2: 2003

This standard specifies a test method for the penetration resistance of gloves that protect against chemicals and/or micro-organisms.

EN374-3: 2003

This standard specifies the determination of the resistance of protective glove materials to permeation by potentially hazardous non-gaseous chemicals under the condition of continous contact.

Gloves must prove that they are an effective barrier against liquid and micro-organisms. Performance levels are according to Acceptable Quality Levels (AQL) whereby samples are taken from a batch of gloves and tested during production for pinholes and leaks be either inflation with air or by filling with water.

Gloves must meet at least level 2 to be considered micro-organism resistant.
Level 1 = AQL 4.0
Level 2 = AQL 1.5
Level 3 = AQL 0.65