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First Aid Kits

First aid kits are a very important part of your personal protective equipment, and are required to be carried in certain industries within your vehicle or on your person, we have many hse first aid kits including 10 and 20 man hse first aid kits as well as individual first aid kits for 1 person, please have a look at our range and if you have any questions dont hesitat to get in touch

PPE Requirements

is is the duty of an employer to provide (PPE) to their workers at work. PPE is comes in the form of equipment and clothing that is designed to protect workers from health and safety risks in the working enviroment. (the categories above give a clear example of the types of PPE that are available.)
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The Importance Of PPE

PPE is an important requirement, even in some working environments where safe work controls have been applied, there is still the possibility of hazards that require the use of ppe, these are usually related to contaminated air, falling debris, corrosive substances and extreme temperatures. in all of these cases it is required by the employer to provide ppe to their workers free of charge
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Choosing The Right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

If you are an employer that needs specific PPE (Personal protective equipment) for one or more of your workers it is best to ask the individual who will be using the PPE about sizing and other compatibility issues, you can also call a member of staff here to ask any questions you might have about PPE, in our PPE section all of our products are (CE) marked and conform to the standards that are set out by regulatory industries.
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Using PPE Personal Protective Equipment

it is an employers duty to ensure that your employees are trained properly and know how to use their personal protective equipment as well as knowing when and where to use it, if you are ever unsure about PPE please seek professional advice from a specialist
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