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Selection of Products:

Selecting and specifying the appropriate respiratory equipment for most people will be a difficult decision. There are multiple factors to consider, as the equipment not only needs to provide the appropriate protection for the job but also must be comfortable enough for the individual worker to wear during the whole period of exposure.

Selection of Respiratory Protection - 4 step method:

  1. Identify the hazard - dust, fumes, metal fumes, gas, vapour etc.
  2. Assess the risk - assess the hazard levels against safety standards and consider the other protection - skin and eye.
  3. Select the correct respirator for the required exposure.
  4. Training in fitting and use - to optimise the respiratory protection.

Protection Factors:

When correctly used by a wearer who has passed a face fit test, an FFP1 respirator should reduce the exposure to airborne particles by a factor of 4, an FFP2 by a factor of 10 and FFP3 by a factor of 20.


FFP1 - Low levels of fine dust (up to 4 times Workplace Exposure Limit [WEL]), oil and water based mists typically found during hand sanding, drilling and cutting.

FFP2 - Moderate levels of fine dust (up to 10 times WEL), oil and water based mists typically found during plastering, cement, sanding and wood dust.

FFP3 - Higher levels of fine dusts (up to 20 times WEL), oil and water based mist typically found when handling hazardous powders found in the pharmaceutical industry or when working with biological agents and fibres.


EN149:2001 + A1:2009

EN149:2001 + A1:2009 supersedes EN149:2001. The amended standard has incorporated the 120mg exposure test in accordance with EN13274-7. In addition, filtering face masks will now be classified as either single use/single shift (NR) or reusable/more than 1 shift (R).

All Biztex® CE marked respirators are certified to EN149:2001 + A1:2009

Respirator Mask
Respirator Masks Blister Pack

BizTex® disposable respirators are now available in blister packaging which is ideal for the retail sector, trade counters etc. All products are certified to the new standard EN149:2001 + A1:2009.

Respirator Masks Box

All BizTex® respirators are packed in an attractive retail carton with full markings and fitting instructions. The respirators are packed in a PP bag which keeps the masks hygienically clean and allows for better storage and control over dispensing.